Meet Sailor, Rachel's Shichon - a fluffy ball of cuddly joy... and sometimes insanity!

Sailor helped Rachel through multiple chemotherapy sessions, as her treatment center allowed emotional support animals in the treatment area. Sailor brought joy, entertainment, and comfort not only to Rachel, but also to everyone he met! Many people have and love their furry companions dearly, so each of our Sailor Sacks includes a custom Sailor stuffed animal for everyone to enjoy and use for emotional support.

Hand-Picked Sacks May Include:

To keep you warm from effects of IV treatment.

To help with sleeping.

To block out noise and help you sleep.

To help with dry skin as a result of treatment (particularly hands & feet).

To keep feet warm.

To relieve stiffness from sitting.

To keep energy levels up.

To help with dry lips.

To keep your hands warm.

To help pass the time with your loved ones.

To help pass time and keep your mind sharp.

For those that love creativity.

To help with nausea.


Our Past Sacks

Items included in your Sailor Sack may vary, as each one is hand-packed for you. Soon our Sacks will be customizable to your liking! See our gallery of past Sacks and some of the items that we have included.